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Walks Calendar

WALKS CALENDAR   from 2017

The program of Day Walks is arranged for periods covering four months at a time. The previous and current year calendars are shown below.

A copy of the draft program for the next few months is available for Members under "Infomation for Members"  in the "Members Only" section.

Note that the calendar is subject to change and you are advised to consult the current issue of Walk Talk for up to date information.

The following is the forward plan as of the date shown above and is subject to change. The latest information is to be found in the monthly newsletter Walk Talk, which has the contact numbers of the walks leaders, who must be contacted prior to the walk by intending participants. Good walking!

During the Covid period the Walks Calendar is subject to change.  Please find the current calendar in the Members Only seaction under Information for Members.

Alex Stirkul   Walks Coordinator


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Sun 8 DW Lilydale Lake 11km M-3-3 Elvie McInerney

Sat 12 DW Birdsland Lysterfield 12km M-4-2 Wayne Rice

Sun 15 DW Merricks beach walk 14.5km M-3-3 Jan Falconer

Sat 21 DW Anakie Gorge 12km M-4-5 Arthur Koo

Wed 25 DW Lake Mountain ? ? Ros Huggins

Sat 28 DW Darebin Creek 12km M-2-2 Diana Bell

Sun 29 DW ??  Ian Barr


Sun 5 DW Brimbank Park 15.4km L-2-2 Ann Wetherall

Sat 11 DW Bulleen Billabong 10km M-1-1  Kevin Wilson

Sun 12 DW Mount Lofty ?km M-3-3 Jan Falconer

 Sat 18 DW Toolangi S-1-1 Elvie McInerney

Sun 19 DW Ruffey Creek M-3-2 Diana Bell

Wed 22 DW Warrandyte M-2-2 Ros Huggins

Sat 25 DW Lerderderg Gorge M-5-7 Arthur Koo


Wed 1 DW Mt Donna Buang M-3-2 Ros Huggins

Sat 4 DW Mt Macedon M-4-4 Ann Wetherall

Sun 5 DW Churchill Park M-4-3 Dianna Bell

Sun 12 DW Weribee Gorge M-5-5 Ian Barr

Sat 18 DW Mandurang L-2-2 Arthur Koo

Sun 19 DW O'Shannassy Weir M-4-2 Elvie McInerney

Wed 22 DW Dandenong NP M-3-3 Ann Van Loon

Sat 25 DW Westerfolds M-3-3 Bruce Ford

Sun 26 DW Cockatoo M-3-3 Wayne Rice


Sat 1

Sun 2 DW Lerderderg Gorge M-8-7 Alex Stirkul

Sat 8 DW Bunyip SP Track clearing S-4-4 Liz Robinson

Wed 12 DW Sherbrooke Forest S-4-2

Sat 15 DW Active April Cootamundra M-1-1 Elvie McInerney

Sat 22 DW Golden Gullies M-4-4 Arthur Koo

Sun 23 DW Presidents Walk Jan Falconer

Thur 27 Ruffey Lake Elvie McInerney

Sat 29 DW Kirth Kiln M-5-4 Liz Robinson

Sun 30 Dw Mount Charlie M-4-4 Alex Stirkul


Wed 3 DW Wandin M-2-2 Jenny Keamy

Sat 6 DW Bunyip SP L-5-3 Anne Van Loon

Sun 7 Oxfam  Tom Tierney

Wed 10 DW ? Jan Falconer

Sat 13 Boneseed Removal Arthurs Seat Liz Robinson

Sun 14 DW Warramate Hills M-5-5 Ian Barr

Sat 20 DW Mount Ida M - 5-5 Arthur Koo

Sun 21 DW Wandin S-3-2 Elvie McInerney

 Sat 27 DW Lake Mountain L-6-6 Jack de Bruijne

 Sun 28 DW Dandenongs M-5-3 Wayne Rice

Wed 31 DW Cardinia Dam M-4-4 Ros Huggins


Sat 3 DW Elwood M-3-3 Ann Wetherall

Sun 4 DW Kinglake M-4-3 Jan Falconer

Sat 10 DW Goldfields L-3-5 Liz Robinson

Sat 17 DW Lerderderg Gorge M-7-7 Arthur Koo

 Sun 18 DW Gardiners Creek S-2-1 Elvie McInerney

Sat 24 DW Bunyip Forest M-4-4 Mary Zeekan

Sun 25 DW Cathedral Range M-6-8 Arthur Koo

Wed 28 DW Macedon M-4-4 Ros Huggins


Sat 1 DW Myrtle Gully M-5-3 Ivan Strudwick

Sat 8 DW La La Falls M-4-3 Wayne Rice

Sun 9 DW Springfield M-3-3 Elvie McInerney

Wed 12 DW E. Brunswick S-1-1 Jenny Keamy

Sun 16 DW Fingal Beach M-3-4 Liz Robinson

Sat 22 DW Brisbane Ranges M-5-5 Richard Wilson

Sun 23 DW Warrandyte L-6-6 Jack de Bruijne

Sat 29 DW Paul Range M-6-4 Anne Van Loon

Sun 30 DW Yarra Trail M-4-3 Marianne Gardner


Sat 5 DW Kurth Kiln M-5-4 Liz Robinson

Sun 6 DW Blackwood M-4-4 Diana Bell

Wed 9 DW Mullum Mullum Creek S-1-1 Ros Huggins

Sat 12 DW Brisbane Ranges M-5-4

Sun 13 DW Gardiners Creek M-4-3

Sat 19 DW Toolangi M-4-4 Anne Van Loon

Sun 20 DW Kinglake M-5-4 Elvie McInerney

Sat 26 DW Yarra Bend Ann Wetherall

Sun 27 DW Kinglake M-4-4 Liz Robinson

Wed 30 DW Flowerdale  Ros Huggins


Sat 2 DW O'Shannessey Aqueduct M-4-2 Elvie McInerney

Sun 3 DW Long Forest M-4-5 Mary Zekan

Sat 9 DW Olinda M-5-4 Arthur Koo

Wed 13 DW Bunyip State Park M-4-4 Ros Huggins

Sat 16 DW Cape Woolamai M-2-2 Elvie McInerney

Sun 17 DW Sailors Creek M-5-4 Wayne Rice

Wed 20 DW Westerfolds M-2-2 Ros Huggins

Sat 23 DW Plenty Gorge M-2-2 Lyverne Newson

Sun 24 DW Bungal Forest M-5-5 Liz Robinson

Wed 27 DW Cranbourne Gardens S-2-2 Jenny Keamy

Sat 30 DW Christmas Hills M-4-4 Anne Van Loon


Sun 1 DW Yarra Flats M-1-2 Claire Harris

Sat 2 DW O'Shannessey Aquaduct M-4-2 Elvie McInerney

Sat 7 Off track Navigation You Yangs Andrew Robinson

Sun 8 DW Long Forest M-4-5 Mary Zekan

Wed 11 HDW Park Orchards S-1-1 Jan Falconer

Sat 14 DW The Basin L-6-4 Wayne Rice

 Sun 15 DW Lerderderg Gorge S-7-6 Alex Stirkul

Wed 18 DW Footscray - Docklands S-2-2 Bill Kerr

Sun 22 DW Werribee Gorge M-5-4 Arthur Koo

Sun 29 DW Kinglake NP - Everard Track M-4-3 Jan Falconer

Fri 27 - Sun 29 DW Federation Walks  Liz Robinson


Sat 4 DW Churchill & Lysterfield Parks M-5-4 Arthur Koo

Tues 7 DW Panton Hill M-4-2 Elvie McInerney

Sat 11 DW Murrindindi L-6-7 Jack de Bruijne

Sun 12 DW Track clearing Bunyip SP  Liz Robinson

Wed 15 DW Warrandyte Pound Bend S-2-2 Jan Falconer

Sat 18 DW Brisbane Ranges Three Creeks M-4-4 Ivan Strudwick

Wed 22 DW Yarra Trail Clifton Hill S-1-2 Jenny Keamy

Sat 25 DW Mount Little Joe M-6-4 Wayne Rice

Sun 26 DW Yarra Flats M-2-2 Claire Harris

Wed 29 DW King Parrot Creek M-4-4 Ros Huggins


Sat 2 DW Mornington Peninsula NP M-4-4 Liz Robinson

Sun 3 Leader Training Ann Van Loon

Sat 9 DW Kinglake NP M-4-2 Elvie McInerney

Sat 16 DW Murrindindi M-4-2 Arthur Koo - Cancelled



Wed 10 DW Docklands  S-2-2 Ros Huggins

Sat 13 DW Birdsland Lysterfield M-4-2 Wayne Rice

Sat 20 DW Sherbrooke Forest M-4-5 Arthur Koo

Wed 24 DW Melbourne outer circle railway M-2-3 Ros Huggins

Wed 31 HDW Mullum Mullum Creek  Jan Falconer


Sat 23 DW Mount Dandenong Circuit M-3-3 Lyverne Newson

Sat 10 DW Tanglefoot Loop M-4-4 Ivan Strudwick - CANCELLED

Wed 14 DW Point Nepean M-4-4 Ros Huggins

Sat 17 DW Mount Worth M-5-4 Ann Van Loon

Sat 24 DW Masons Falls M-4-5 Arthur Koo

Wed 28 HDW Mullum Mullum Creek S-2-2 Jan Falconer


Sun 3 DW Plenty River No1 M-3-3 Bruce Ford

Sun 4 DW Nobbies to Pyramid Rock S-3-3 Alex Stirkul

Sat 10 DW Plenty River No2 S-3-2 Bruce Ford

Sun 11 DW Mornington Peninsula NP M-4-4 Liz Robinson

Wed 14 DW North Warrandyte S-2-3 Jenny Keamy

Sat 17 DW Toolangi M-4-4 Elvie McInerney

SUn 18 DW TBA Claire Harris

Sat 24 DW Wilhelmina Falls Murrindindi M-5-4 Arthur Koo

Sun 25 DW Mt Victoria - Mt Boobyalla M-5-4 Liz Robinson


Summertime ends Sat night

Sun 1 DW Blackwood - Tunnel Circuit M-4-5 Alan Marshall

Mon 2 DW Lilydale  - Mt Evelyn M-3-3 Tom Tierney

Wed 4 DW O'Shannesy aquaduct M-2-3 Ros Huggins

Sat 7 DW Kinglake L-7-8 Jack Bruijne

Sun 8 DW President's Walk - Mullum Mullum Creek E-2-2 Jan Falconer

Sat 14 DW Creswick M-4-3 Anne Van Loon

Sun 15 Navigation course Andrew Robinson

Wed 18 DW Sherbrooke Forest S-4-4 Jenny Keamy

Sat 21 DW Brisbane Ranges - Steiglitz L-5-5 Arthur Koo

 Sat 28 DW Plenty River Trail M-4-3 Bruce Ford

Sun 29 DW Tipperary Springs L-3-4 Lyverne Newson


Sat 5 Boneseed weeding Arthurs Seat   Val Margulis

Sat 12 DW Bushranger Bay M-4-4 Pam Snelling

Sat 19 DW Mount Ida M-5-5 Arthur Koo

Sun 20 GPS Navigation course Andrew Robinson

Wed 23 DW Darebin trail S-3-3 Karen Sheedy

Sat 26 DW Wilks Creek M-5-5 Liz Robinson

Sun 27 DW George Bass Coastal Trail M-4-5 Ros Huggins


Sat 2 DW Bullarto-Babbington Hill M-4-4 Anne Van Loon

Sat 3 DW Rubicon L-5-5 Jack de Bruijne

Wed 7 HDW St Kilda - City S-1-1 Jrenny Keamy

Sun 10 DW Cockatoo M-4-2 Wayne Rice

Wed 13 DW Ferntree Gulley M-4-3 Ann Van Loon

Sat 16 DW St Andrews L-6-5 Jack de Bruijne

Sun 17 DW Pyrete Range M-5-4 Alan Marshall

Sat 23 DW Mandurang South L-3-3 Arthur Koo

Sun 24  HDW Mullum Mullum Creek S-2-1 Elvie McInerney

Wed 27 DW Lower Plenty - Warringal Park S-3-2 Karen Sheedy

Sat 30 DW Cherokee - Lions Head M-4-3 Lyverne Newson


Sun 1 DW Kurth Kiln RP M-3-3 Jan Falconer

Wed 4 DW Scotchmans Creek Trail M-1-1 Jenny Keamy

Sun 8 DW Brisbane Ranges M-3-3 Liz Robinson

Wed 11 DW Trawool Valley M-3-3 Ros Huggins

Sat 14 DW Twin Bridges Daylesford M-5-4 Wayne Rice

Sun 22 DW Brisbane Ranges M-4-5 Arthur Koo

 Wed 25 DW Warrandyte M-1-1 Karen Sheedy

Sat 28 DW Balcome Estuary M-2-3 Liz Robinson

Sun 5 DW Yarra Bend M-2-2 Claire Harris

Wed 8 DW Melbourne Golden Mile M-2-2 Ros Huggins

Sun 12 DW You Yangs S-3-3 Jenny Hume

Sat 18 Dw Sugarloaf Reservoir L-4-3 Karen Sheedy

Sun 19 DW Lerderderg Gorge M-5-6 Arthur Koo


Sat 1 Dw Leanganook M-4-5 Ann van Loon

Sat 8 DW O'Shannessey Circuit M-4-3

Sun 9 DW Powelltown M-3-5 Liz Robinson

Sun 16 DW Mullum Mullum Trail  Wayne Rice

Sat 22 DW Boots Gully M-5-4 Pam Snelling

Sun 23 DW Bunyip SP  M-4-4 Jan Falconer


Sat 6 DW Christmas Hills M-4-4 Karen Sheedy

Sun 7 DW Blackwood M-5-5 Pam Snelling

Wed 10 DW Cranbourne S-2-2 Karen Sheedy

Wed 13 DW Barwon River trail M-1-1 Lexley Wain

Sun 14 Leader Training Alex Stirkul

Sat 20 Federation Walks

Sun 27 DW Brisbane Ranges M-4-5 Arthur Koo


Sat 3 Track Maintenance  Bunyip State Park  Val Margulius

Sun 4 DW Lerderderg Gorge Sardine Creek S-5-5 Alex Stirkul

Tues 6 HDW LaLa Falls Tom Teirney

Wed 14 DW Etham S-1-1 Jenny Keamy

Sun 18 DW Outer circle rail trail M-4-3 Marianne Gardner

 Wed 21 DW Park Orchards S-1-1 Jan Falconer

Sat 24 Men's Health Walks - Lysterfield park

Wed 28 DW St Kilda S-2-2 Ros Huggins


Sun 2 DW Werribee Park S-1-1 Jenny Hume

Wed 5 DW Lilydale Lake S-1-1 Jan Falconer

Sat 8 Dec DW Gardenvale M-1-1 Wayne Rice

Sun 9 DW Eildon Blowhard Circuit L-7-7 Ann Van Loon

Sat 15 DW Olinda M-5-4 Arthur Koo

Sun 16 DW Warrandyte S-4-3 Pam Snelling

Mon 31 NW Blackburn M-1-1 Tom Tierney



Wed 9 DW Blackburn M-1-1 Lexley Wain

Sat 12 DW Lysterfield M-5-4 Wayne Rice

Wed 16 DW Point Cook M-1-1 Jan Falconer

Sat 19 DW Flinders M-3-3 Ros Huggins

Sun 20 DW Bunyip State Park M-5-3 Anne Van Loon

Wed 23 DW Sandringham M-1-1 Claire Harris


Sat 2 DW Little Hampton M-3-3 Jenny Hume

Sun 3 DW Mount Evelyn M-4-4 Ian Barr

Sat 9 DW Redhill M-4-4 Arthur Koo

Sun 10 DW Olinda M-5-4 Lyverne Newsome

Sun 17 DW Pauls Range M-4-3 Jan Falconer

Sat 23 DW Mount Hope M-4-4 Anne Van Loon

Wed 27 DW Woodend S-3-2 Ros Huggins


Sat 2 DW East Warburton M-6-5 Jack De Bruijne

Sun 3 DW Kirk and Gong Gong Reservoir Ballarat Ann Wetherall

Wed 6 DW Blackburn M-1-1 Lexley Wain

Wed13 HDW Yarra Trail S-2-2

Sat 16 DW  Mt Macedon L-6-8

Su17 Leader Training Alex Stirkul

Sat 23 DW Cathedral Range M-7-5 Waayne Rice

sun 24 DW Yarra Trail M-1-1 Marianne Gardner

Wed 27 DW Warrandyte M-4-3 Jan Falconer

Sat 30 DW Eltham S-1-1 Elvie McInerney

Sun 31 DW Mount Evelyn  M-4-3  Ian Barr


Sun 7 DW Daylesford L-4-4 Lyverne Newson

 Wed 10 DW Greswell M-3-2 Ros Huggins

Sun 14 DW Lerderderg Gorge M-8-7 Alex Stirkul

Wed 17 DW Eltham M-3-1 Jenny Keamy

Sat 20 DW Sherbrooke Forest L-4-5 Arthur Koo

Wed 24 DW Koonung Trail M-1-1 Lexley Wain

Sat 27 DW Eltham S-1-1 Susie Peterson

Sun 28 DW Mordialloc M-1-2 Wayne Rice


Wed 1 HDW Christmas Hills S-3-3 Jan Falconer

Sat 4 Track maintenance Arthurs Seat Val Margulius

Wed 8 DW North Warrandyte  Jenny Keamy

Sat 11 DW Mullum Mullum Trail 1 M-4-3 Bruce Ford

Sun 12 DW The Nobbies - Pyramid Rock S-3-4 Alex Stirkul

 Sat 18 DW Mullum Mullum trail 2 M-3-2 Bruce Ford

 Sun 19 DW Prtesident's Walk Toolangi  M-4-4 Ros Huggins

Wed 22 DW Marybyrnong River M-3-3 Ros Huggins

Sat 25 DW Golden Gullies L-5-6 Arthur Koo

Sun 26 DW Little Hampton M-3-3 Anne Van Loon

Wed 29 DW Christmas Hills M-6-5 Jack de Bruijne


Sat 1 June DW The Tunnel E. Warburton M-6-5 Jack de Bruijne

Wed 5 DW Darebin Parklands Karen SheedyJune

Sun 9 DW Montrose Circuit M-5-4 Wayne Rice

Sat 15 DW Pauls Range M-6-4 Anne Van Loon

Sun 16 DW Mondo Track L-6-5 Jan Falconer

Sat 22 DW Cathedrals S-8-5 Arthur Koo

Sun 23 DW Brisbane Track M-4-4 Alan Marshall

Wed 26 DW O'Shannassy Aqueduct M-3-3 Ross Huggins

Sun 30 DW Silver Creek- Wallaby Creek Kinglake M-6-5 Anne Van Loon


Wed 10 DW Melbourne City Gardens Jenny Keamy

Sat 13 DW Mount Little Joe M-6-4 Wayne Rice

Wed 17 HDW Cranbourne Botanic Gardens M-2-2 Jan Falconer

Sat 20 DW Churchill Park Arthur Koo L-4-6

Sun 21 DW Bulleen S-1-2 Elvie McInerney

Wed 24 DW Macedone - Woodend M-3-3 Ros Huggins

Sat 27 DW Christmas Hills M-6-5 Jack de Bruijne

Sun 28 Leader Training  Alex Stirkul

WEd 31 DW Macedon M-3-4 Ros Huggins


Sat 3 DW Mt Chaarlie Ridells Creek M-4-5 Alex Stirkul

 Sun 4 DW Woodlands M-2-2 Marianne Gardiner

Sun 18 DW Lerderderg Gorge S-5-4 Arthur Koo

Sat 24 DW Toolangi Potato Farm M-4-4 Anne Van Loon

Wed 28 DW Trawool M-3-3 Ros Huggins


Sun 15 DW Long Forrest M-4-5 Ivan Strudwick

Sun 21 DW Lilydale lake S-1-1 Elvie McInerney

Wed 25 DW Troopers' Trail S-2-2. Diana Bell


Wed 2 DW Donna Buang S-2-4 Ros Huggins

Sun 6 DW Kirth Kiln M-5-4 Ann Van Loon

Wed 9 DW Geelong waterfront M-1-1 Lexley Wain

Sat 12 DW Badger Weir S-2-4 Ros Huggins Claire Harris

Sun 13 DW Mount Ida M-5-5 Arthur Koo

Sat 19 Sun 20 DW Federation Walks

Wed 23 DW Skeleton Creek M-2-3

Sun 27 DW Mount Little Joe M-6-4 Wayne Rice

Wed 30 Dw Hobson Bay Coastal Trail S-3-3 Karen Sheedy


Sat 16 DW Phillip Island M-2-2 Tom Tierney

Wed 20 DW Yarra River S-1-2 Jenny Keamy

Sat 23 DW Lysterfield Park M-5-4, M-4-4, S-1-1 Arthur Koo, Wayne Rice, Tom Tierney

Wed 27 DW Westgate Park M-2-4 Ros Huggins

Sat 30 DW Yarra Flats M-1-2 Claire Harris



Sat 11 DW Mullum Mullum Creek M-3-3 Wayne Rice

Sat 18 DW Porcupine Ridge   Anne Van Loon

Wed 22 DW South Melbourne M-3-2 Ros Huggins

Sat 25 DW Olinda M-4-5 Arthur Koo


Sat 8  Leaders Meeting

Sat 15 DW Warburton M-3-23 Tom Tierney

Sun 16 DW Greens Bush Mornington l-4-4 Ann Van Loon

Wed 19 DW Braeside Park M-2-1 Lexley Wain

Sun 23 DW Brisbane Ranges M-5-5 Arthur Koo

Wed 26 DW Flinders M-3-2 Ros Huggins 

Sat 29 DW Dandenongs L-6-5 JKack de Bruijne


Sun 1 Navigartion training Andrew Robinson

Sun1 DW TBA  Lyverne Newson

Wed 4 DW Toolangi S-4-3 Ivan Strudwick

Sat 7 DW Mount Worth M-5-4 Anne Van Loon

Mon 9 DW Jells Park ? Tom Tierney

Sat 14 DW Gong Gong Reservoir M-3-3 Ann Wetherall

Sun 15 DW Trentham M-3-3 Karen Sheedy

Wed 18 DWE Diamond Creek ? Karen Sheedy


Base Camps


 Fri 17 - Sun 19 March Highlands Jan Falconer

November  Kangaroo Island

 Wed 27 Dec - Jan 1 Howmans Gap  Ros Huggins



Wed 28 Feb - Sunday 4 March Apollo Bay Susan Peterson

Sun March 18 - 24 Sydney Ann Van Loon

April  West Africa

May 26-27 Wonthaggi Ros Huggins

August 23-26 Echuca

Aug 23 - Aug 26 Echuca Elvie McInerney

Nov 9 - Nov 12 Castlemaine

November Wilson's Prom



June  Hattah Lakes 3 day backpack  Alex Stirkul

April 26 - May 2 Sydney Ann Vann Loon

 May 24 - 25  Highlands Jan Falconer

Nov 13-17 Phillip Island  Elvie McInerney

Dec 27 Howmans Gap   Ros Huggins



Aug/Sept Wyperfeld NP Ros Huggins