Shady, forest walk in the Dandenongs. Couple of hills.

Distance: 9 km Easy/Medium S 4-4. A walk in superb forest of Sherbrooke - and only 8-9km. Start and finish at Grants Picnic Ground, the walk will take in Treefern, O’Donohue and Hillclimb tracks. A couple of short hills that will clear the lungs, but the ferns and leafy, soft tracks will compensate. Bring your...

Pretty circuit walk, varied terrain Christmas Hills

Distance:9.5 M S 4-3  A longish, slow climb up Pretty Valley Track, shortish walk along One Tree HIll Road, and then down the steep Beardsall Track. Meeting Place:Stiggants Reserve Car Park Warrandyte M 23 C/D 12

Bullarto Reservoir/Babbington Hill-near Trentham

Distance: 14km E/M M 4-4 Circular walk starting in Lyonville around the Reservoir. Head up to the top of Babbington Hill and then walk along the Loddon River past the springs. Pleasant, relatively easy walk through forests and fern gullies. Undulating with one gradual hill. Walking on old 4 wheel drive tracks and some narrow...

Days Picnic Ground, Camels Hump & The Cross return walk Mt Macedon

Distance: 15 lm M M5-5  There’s tree cover for pretty much the whole of this walk and being up the mountain, its always a few degrees cooler making for a great summer walk through really pretty, lush green forest. Starting from Sanitorium Lake we’ll follow the trail around to Camels Hump where we’re greeting with...

Sherbrooke Forest (East)

Distance: 10 km M M 4-4 Lovely circuit walk through tall Mountain Ash. Some small ups and downs (it is in the Dandenongs). Poles will be useful if we have had rain. Meeting Place: Pines Shopping Centre Car Park, N-W Corne